Monday, September 27, 2010

Let The Memories Begin


I went into the city this past week because I heard a rumor you'd be at the Disney event. I found Dumbo and he said I just missed you. Drat. Got my photo taken anyway!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One of my many weekends DTS

Hey Johnny,

I've been fortunate enough to go DTS many times this summer but I'm always so caught up in having so much fun that I forget to take pictures! This weekend was different though. I've been missing you more than ever, so I wanted to be sure to post some photos from this weekend so you know I'm safe (and even having fun!).

More to come!

Peace and Love,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Afternoon in NYC before heading DTS

Hey Johnny,

Check out these pictures from Friday - I was able to stop at Brother Jimmy's before heading DTS this past weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Hey Johnny!

Just wanted to share a quick photo from this past weekend. A group of my friends invited to their place to watch the fireworks but I got some time to do some canoeing. I made sure be safe though! Check out my life jacket!

Hope you had fun in London!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Lost Photo!

Johnny! You'll never believe it but one of our loyal readers just saw my new post about Take Your Child to Work Day and it reminded them of a photo they took of me at a recent PRSA-NJ event.

I heard through the grapevine that you would be there so I made sure to make the trek down to Hoop Heaven in Bridgewater. I got there a little early so I shot some hoops by myself before our friend snapped this shot of me:

I look good, don't I??? I should probably be a model but for now I'm focused on one thing - finding my way back to you.

Take Your Child To Work Day at Coyne PR


I had SO much fun yesterday. I ran into these four little kids during Coyne PR's Take Your Child To Work Day. The agency planned a TON of fun things for them and it was just an overall good day. We participated in some brainstorms, planted some plants, watched a movie and more.

Unfortunately, none of them could lead me to you but I wanted to prove to you that I am still searching for you. I know it's been over four months since we've last seen each other but I'm still
on my journey and more confident than ever that we will be reunited soon.


Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm too slow.


I got wind that you were helping out with a presentation to students from Syracuse University yesterday. But by the time I made my way there, everyone was gone!!!! I took a picture with the sign at the front desk to prove to you though. It seems like I'm always a step behind =(

At least I'm getting closer. See you soon?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...right?


Yet again I was tempted with a trip out of the NY/NJ area by a pretty girl. While there, I was peer-pressured into doing some things I'm not too proud of. I thought I was taking a harmless steroids, turns out it was some type of ecstasy or something. not fun but I thought you'd enjoy this picture of me:
Stay away from that stuff, promise me that?


Friday, March 5, 2010

Rockin' Out at Hard Rock

Johnny! I forgot to tell you that before I hopped on the PATH back to NJ this past Saturday, I made a quick stop at Hard Rock Cafe in NY. I know you frequent that place a lot, so I thought my chances were pretty good. I ran into some of your buddies, but you were nowhere to be found. I guess I'm just a little too slow. Anyway, I had a great time with your friends - they just emailed me this photo from that night:

Peace and Love,

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rat Race

I'm sure you know this by now, but it sure is a rat race out there. I've been going from NYC to NJ and back again in my journey to find you and I'm clearly still lost. I'm starting to worry that you might think I'm not trying my hardest, but I want you to rest assured that I am. I had a strange man take this picture of me this weekend as I made my way back to NJ so I could prove to you that I'm still trying. Give me a break though, I do move pretty slow ya know.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been a while...

Johnny, I'm having a really hard time finding you. I made my way back to the US but I'm still wandering around looking for you. As I'm sure you know, the NY/NJ area was hit a pretty heavy snowstorm yesterday so i've pretty much just closed up my shell and been hiding inside for the past few days.

Before the snow hit, I was able to get this great picture on the rooftop of a random building in NYC:

Our day will come eventually, Johnny. I hope this post finds you well.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Viva Mexico!


I think you'd be pretty proud of me lately. Not only did that nice girl in the Big Apple let me stay in her apartment for the night, but I've also made a few new "friends." As I was wondering around NYC looking for you, I ran into a pretty group of girls who were on their way to the airport. Get this - they invited me to go with them! so they picked me up, we headed to EWR, and were on way to Mexico in no time!

Here's one of the best shots from our little trip:

While I was there some agency contacted me and let me know you're looking for me. I was so excited to hear that - I'm hopping on a plane as soon as this post is published and I'm sure we'll be reunited in no time. Until then - think of me fondly.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Believe it or not...

...there are actually still some good people in this world. As I was staring at the map last night, a friendly stranger invited me to stay the night at her apartment (how could I turn that down, right?) I couldn't get over how many shoes she has, so I just wanted to share this photo with you:

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm having some trouble...

I couldn't find "Johnny Gogo's House" on the map...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The City that Never Sleeps

Heads up Johnny - I'm headed to NYC on my quest to find you. Don't worry, safety first; I always use my seat belt!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Johnny, where are you?

Dear John,

I miss you. As you may have realized, I've been kidnapped. I've also been officially named Clarence (not my first choice, but hey). I wouldn't dare disclose my kidnapper's name but just know that I'm in good hands.

Actually, I was even allowed to take a stroll around the NJ office today to look for you. As you may have guessed, I wasn't able to find you though.

I figured my best bet would be to check your office:

When I didn't find you there I decided to check around downstairs - I stopped by Susan's desk, checked out the mail room, the Joel, I even stopped to read the latest issue of PRWeek in the library.

Then I headed upstairs (yes, it took awhile) and I figured I'd stop by the head honcho's office.

He said he hadn't seen you so I looked in the third floor conference room, searched by the mailboxes, I even looked over by Lisa's office - all to no avail.

That being said - my search is on. I miss you dearly, John, and will stop at nothing until I find you. I created this blog as a way to communicate with you. I want you to know that I am safe and sound. Be sure to check back here often - I'll update you from each step along my journey. I hope to see you soon.